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Welcome to King’s Knights Ultimate Frisbee Club!

 We want to welcome you to the King's Knights Ultimate Frisbee Club 2020 season. We will do everything in our power to make this the best year ever for every single player and family.  We could use a few more players, if you know anyone that would be interested in trying Ultimate, please have them email me.




  • There is an optional information meeting on Thursday, Nov. 14, during lunch in BNC 203. 

  • Regular season games will be held from December 7 - February 8. 

  • The playoff games will be the weekends of February 15 & 22. The season will be over before spring sports begin. 

  • We want everyone to commit to playing at least 4 regular-season games. We need, at least, 3 girls and 3 boys each game; otherwise, we will need to forfeit.

  • Please email Coach Scott if you are not able to attend practice.

  • The first game will be the weekend of December 7. I will let you know the day and time as soon as I find out. 

Administrative (please complete before your 1st practice):

  • Jersey size and contact info. (attached)

  • $75 (if you want to use last year's jersey $50). Checks can be payable to Scott Bockheim

  • King's Ultimate Frisbee Team Release (attached)

  • DiscNW Youth Participation Agreement (attached)

  • Sign-up at DiscNW  (password: kingsknights2019)

    • DiscNW Sudden Cardiac Arrest Info. (online)

    • DiscNW Concussion Information (online)

Please let me know if you have any questions or have trouble with the DiscNW site.  


It will be a great season!


Coach Scott



Ultimate Tip of the Week:

Understanding Ultimate:

  • 7 players are on the field at a time

  • Ultimate is a non-contact sport

  • The goal is to move (by throwing) the disc up the field to score in the end zone.

  • You cannot run/walk/skip/jump while holding the disc.

  • There is no referee. Players are required to call the infractions/fouls.  

  • The game is played to 13 points.  Halftime is when one team reaches 6 points.  If neither team reaches 13 points, then the match ends after 80 minutes.

  • We are playing in a mixed league.  There must be 3 players of each gender on the field and 7 player total.

  • There are 2 time-outs (2 minutes long) for each team.

  • Once a team has scored the teams change sides.

  • Substitutions happen after a point is scored.


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